Work Processes

Risk Management

B&I can provide key HSE work processes and HSE support to Project Delivery, whether the project involves oil and gas drilling, production or injection wells, floating, fixed, or subsea offshore facilities, or onshore production, injection, transportation systems, and their associated instrumented or protective safety systems.

Safety Case

It is important during project delivery to know your hazards, threats, and consequences, understand how these are controlled, and to assure the controls will be in-place and effective (i.e. barrier health). B&I have extensive knowledge and experience in leading or supporting their clients to produce and implement documented demonstration of their Safety Management Systems including regulatory requirements such as SEMS, PSM, or RMP. A Safety Case is the primary deliverable from the B&I activity and can be supplemented with training programs, audit protocols, remedial action plans.

HSE Activities Planning

A route for delivering a Safety Case or HSE Management System demonstration involves:

  • Preparing an HSE activity plan,
  • Identifying the hazards by conducting relevant hazard assessments and identification of major accident hazards (MAH),
  • Documenting the controls (barriers) for managing the MAH,
  • Verifying the barriers comply with applicable regulations and client company standards including risk metrics,
  • Preparing a short fall list or gap assessment between “As-Is” and “To-be”,
  • Developing remedial action plans to close the gaps and reduce risk to required level,
  • Negotiating handshakes with management to endorse, approve, and commit to the Safety Case for a project or asset.

  • MOC and Action Tracking

    A suitable B&I plan describes each HSE activity and deliverable during each project phase – from early identification / assessment phase to select, through define and execute and into operate phases. The activity plan recognizes regulatory and client company requirements and is designed to deliver value and improvements. A schedule and progress tracking tool are included.

    Hazard Identification and Assessments

    B&I are resourced to plan, deliver, and coordinate the various project HSE activities, such as:

    Hazard identification and assessments (HAZID, HAZOP, Layout / Facility Siting, Security, Bow Tie, etc.)
    Project Management of Change MOC process using B&I or client standard, procedure, and tracking tool
    B&I have a “Proven-In-Use” HSE Action Tracking system designed to assign action item accountabilities and responsibilities, and to methodically gather closure statements, evidence, verification, and progress scorecard reporting. The B&I system can be used to verify, track, and report close-out of recommendations and actions items originating from technical HSE studies, hazard assessments, Safety Case gaps, incident investigations, and equipment integrity or management system audits.


    Audits are an assurance process for your safety management systems. Audits help you understand if the business or hazard controls are in-place and effective. B&I can help your audit teams verify the processes meet the regulations (BSEE-SEMS, OSHA PSM, and EPA RMP) as well as complying with industry codes, company standards, guidelines, and recognized good practices. Where improvement opportunities exist, B&I can deliver prioritized gap closure plans designed to improve hazard management and reduce risk. Leading Pre Startup Safety Reviews (PSSR) or audits is a good example of B&I’s experience and capability in this area.

    Regulatory Support

    B&I are able to support your Regulatory and Permitting staff in preparing their project information, technical descriptions of well, systems and equipment, and preparation of regulatory and permitting plans. B&I have specific, current experience and success in preparing, submitting, and communicating with BSEE on Deepwater Operations Plans (DWOP) for novel Ultra High Pressure High Temperature wells and associated offshore platforms and pipelines in GoM. B&I are experienced in contributing to and supporting submittal of Development Operations Coordination Document (DOCD), well completion plans (APM), and platform and production system permits.

    Decision Making

    Integrating HSE aspects and risk into project Decision Making is a process where B&I have considerable experience and insights as well as proven methodology and decision tools to help “Paint the Risk picture”, and present the rewards and regrets to decision makers.