People Systems

Technical Safety Training

As your workforce and professional staff rotate through their careers, they may work in a hazardous environment or in a role where they have control of the hazardous environment through their actions, engineering designs, operational procedures, or management decisions – all of which can influence hazard management, process safety, equipment integrity, and risk. There is always a need to ensure your people resources are aware and thinking of ways to effectively manage the hazards and threats to people, or assets, or environment, and to reduce risk and exposure to your company.

B&I can help increase hazard and risk control awareness by delivering standardized training, tailored to your industry and company specific requirements. The training modules can be short (1-2 hours) or more detailed 2-3 day workshops. B&I’s talented expertise can deliver value-added improvements in technical safety and reliability areas such as:

  • Hazard Identification and Assessment
  • Hazard Registers
  • Major Accident Hazards (MAH)
  • Consequence and Risk Modeling
  • Bow tie model for demonstrating hazard control
  • Risk, Risk Management including Risk-based Decision Making model
  • Reliability Modeling
  • Network Analysis
  • EHS Management Systems and Safety Cases
  • SEMS 30CFR250.1900 and API RP 75
  • Human Factors in upstream O&G design and operation
  • Emergency Systems and Evacuation
  • Procedures

    Leveraging years of experience in engineering, operations, and project delivery, B&I can develop and implement effective EHS-related procedures for projects or O&G wells and production assets. Since procedures must be clear, concise, and applicable to the user, B&I are also able to review and propose possible improvement opportunities to oil / gas well design, construction, completion, or intervention procedures. Our input to facility design and operations help ensure the EHS aspects have been raised and provide focus to the user so the hazards and threats associated with the activity governed by the procedure are clearly understood. B&I can also provide structured review techniques, e.g. HAZOP, of well or facility operating procedures.

    Human Factors

    B&I are skilled in conducting Human Factors (HF) assessments of offshore and onshore oil and gas facility designs. B&I utilize calibrated, experienced, and structured reviews of new engineering designs as well as review of existing assets for HF concerns. Our baseline includes the knowledge of the various industry standards and guidelines (ABS, ASTM, and API) covering human factors in design, applying HF checklists, and deploying HF assessment tools such as valve criticality analysis and manual material handling assessments. Of course Human Factors aspects such as HMI, labeling, organizational, and potential for human error are raised in B&I hazard assessments as well.

    Operational Discipline

    Within oil and gas Operational Discipline role, B&I can effectively support the client’s practice of safely conducting operations correctly every-time. We bring our experience and knowledge of core processes, procedures, codes and standards, understanding typical oil and gas drilling, wells technology, processing and surface systems – and the EHS aspects associated with these activities. We help the client understand and reinforce their EHS critical tasks to enable them to always deliver safe and reliable production and profits.