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    Welcome to B & I

    Take four minutes to see how your business can takeoff!

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    Digital Engineering

    We can support you from conceptual design through to delivering a ‘living’ Digital Twin

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    World Class Expertise

    We’ve supported some of the most challenged projects in the world.

    SEMS Program for U-HPHT Production

    Reliability Studies Supporting API Q1 QMS

    Design Safety Case for Souring Prevention

    Monte Carlo Model for Radionuclide Dispersion

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    People, Process, Equipment

    Leverage our ‘PPE’ approach to manage your operations safely, and in a sustainable manner

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    Hazard Identification

    Quickly identify your hazards using structured guideword approaches like HAZAN, HAZOP and Bowtie

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    Consequence modeling

    Model the physical effects of leaks, dispersion, and fire using state-of-the-art phenomenological models

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    Computational Fluid Dynamics

    Characterize complex fluids behavior using OpenFOAM CFD

    Define geometry

    Create a mesh

    Select the right equations

    Solve and interpret results

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    Radiation dose modeling

    Simulate radiation dose using our state-of-the-art Monte Carlo models

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    Fluid Phase Modeling

    Simulate accident event releases using our multicomponent, isothermal, isenthalpic, and isentropic flash models.

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    Overlay the results from our consequence analysis on geodetically accurate terrain maps.

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    Reliability Engineering

    Use our failure statistics databases, and reliability engineering tools, to estimate mean time between failure, failure probability, and modeling uncertainty.